Mom talks about her own struggles dealing with her son Justin’s addictions and the ways this has affected her own life. It has been a constant battle of being afraid and not knowing what may or may not be the right thing to do. She speaks about how she is still learning the ways to not enable and to be the very best she can be for Justin and her other kids.


Erin, 24 years old, lives in Detroit, Michigan. She speaks about her own struggles with drug addiction and the ways in which this disease started for her. Erin specifically talks about the ways that pills such as Xanax helped her cope after she was drugged and raped. Her friends didn’t believe or support her through this very difficult time and she felt the only way to really get through this was to use Xanax to forget about her trauma and make her less anxious over the heaviness of her reality. She also speaks about how rehab helped her to find herself again and she was able to connect with a group of individuals that she could openly talk about these issues with and not feel so alone, and to know that others had been dealing with very similar problems in their lives. Erin is now living a healthier and happier life without these drugs and is an extremely strong woman who has had to fight for her freedom to overcome such an extreme disease that she still fights every single day.


Maher, 24 years old, lives in Detroit, Michigan. Maher talks about his experience with losing many loved ones to drug overdoses. He speaks about the music industry that he is involved in and how drugs play a huge role in these music/party scenes and environments. He speaks about the ways in which people get sucked into drugs when at music shows and festivals because many younger people tend to believe they can’t truly enjoy these events without using drug substances. A lot of times this experimentation turns into regular drug use which then leads to overdoses and death. Maher also speaks about trying to create a more positive atmosphere where people can openly talk about their personal issues, whether it be with drug addiction or other mental health issues. He strives to be there for people who struggle, and to keep a very open dialogue about mental health in general.


Kelsey, 24 years old, lives in Madison Heights, Michigan. She speaks about her father who has been an alcoholic since before she was born. Kelsey talks about when she was younger and how she thought drinking as much as her dad did was normal and that every adult drank that much. She also speaks about how she used to take on the responsibilities of her dad’s behaviors and would try getting him to stop. As Kelsey has gotten older she has come to understand that she cannot control her dad and that she must accept the situation for what it is, and let him choose whether he wants to change or not.


Lauren, 23 years old, from Northville, Michigan. She speaks about her boyfriend who was a Heroin addict and the ways in which this brought her down in her own life. She talks about the immense pressures that her boyfriend put on her throughout their relationship. Often times he felt suicidal which caused Lauren to stay in a relationship that was unhealthy for her. Since the two have broken up she has been working on finding herself again and living a life where she can focus more on her needs as an individual.